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These retreats will orient you on how to reprogram yourselves for the best, to get to where you want to be, there’s not a single doubt on that, for we are providing our users the best tools for them to accomplish that successfully: our programs are dedicated to generate personal awareness and a life transformation spiritually, mentally and physically. We believe that health, as well as emotional and mental stability, are the most precious values we possess.

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Through an all guided, mindfulness, wellness support, from the most prestigious masters in the world for every specific field needed, to spiritual guides, as well as a carefully designed nutrition and fitness regime, our immersive programs allow you to detoxify your spirit, mind and body in a healthy, sustainable way while getting back to basics, to obtain a chemical equilibrium that will allow you to be powerfully energized and extremely healthy. You will set your mind and body to be at their fullest strength and balance, while integrating with personal activities and very specific added value that, as a whole, will give you the most extraordinary transformation experience of your life.

But please you need to understand this: a powerful effort from your behalf will be required in order for you to become the person you truly want to be, for there will be no short cuts nor magic pills or formulas. We will be with you, we will walk the path of reconstruction next to you all the time, you will not be alone, there will be permanent after-work, we will take care of you starting day one once you get home, because we believe a strong and complete follow-up is our most transcendent value and tool you will benefit from.

Our team will be permanently helping you to go further with the process of your desired changes and evaluating your progress for you to be considered to go to the next level. So please make no mistake by thinking it will be only a week of retreat that will change a life of habits. In fact, it’s extremely important that you accept and comprehend this commitment before you contact us. The retreats will give you the power to understand what you really want to accomplish or improve in your life, how you will obtain it and how that process will definitely guide you to your success: happiness. But it will be your daily and constant work what’s going to transform you and make happiness your new life habit.

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