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Who is Burt Harding?

Burt Harding was born in the island of Malta from an Italian family and moved to Canada at a young age. He attended Berkley University and got a degree in psychology; however, his main interest has always been metaphysics and spirituality, but it was only after 1973 that he realized his path was meant to be different. During that year he was working as a physiotherapist with Pogue’s Health Service Company and, as Burt says in his own words: “The boss was more interested in having members renew their membership than in servicing them. I was unhappy and it felt that it was an approach without integrity. One morning while on the way to work, Ramana Maharshi appeared to me in a very strong vision and his radiant face and eyes spoke of great love. After this connection he disappeared in an instant like a puff of smoke. I felt disoriented but six days later I saw his picture on the cover of a book announcing his life and teachings. It wasn’t a decision for me to become a teacher, it happened through Grace. It was when I realized that Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi was a real Being and not a hallucination that my life turned around to higher teaching. After that I had found peace that lasted until now”.

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From that esoteric encounter, Burt started following his teachings and quit his position as physiotherapist.  He states: “My life began at that time”.

After his experience of Light in 2007 while married to his wife Silvia, Burt recognized that psychology was based on ego knowledge and not ‘truth’ of the spiritual life.  Psychology also believed that it was the brain that produced consciousness. He states: “This was too much for me and got rid of my psychology degrees and the ones I earned in metaphysics.  I was interested in truth above everything else. I am convinced that when people become aware of their true spiritual nature they will become also better people all around in all areas of life”.

He also began to concentrate part of his work on the fundamental connection between body and soul. And after an important interview by “Food for thought” CBC TV, his appearance brought many letters of inquiry and interest from people. At the same time, Burt started teaching Yoga and meditation and his results brought a great deal of positive responses and popularity. He was given his own TV series on Mind/Body Connection and it went on for 6 months. When he worked as hypnotherapist, his great success brought Burt many interested people and eventually he decided to open his own company which he named “The Awareness Foundation”, based on the truth of Being as Awareness itself.

I experienced clearly how we are all ONE Being in different forms just like waves of the ocean and yet the same one water.

There has been another extraordinary experience in Burt’s life, that changed him deeply and gave him the profound faith and commitment to be a master and a spiritual guide. Here’s how he describes it: “It all began when I experienced my NDE (Nearly Dead Experience) at the Vancouver General Hospital and died for two minutes before being resuscitated.  When my body died, my spirit went out of the body and I experienced such love and clarity that I didn’t even know it existed to that incredible extent.  It was a state beyond time and space. It was a greater love than I had ever known in my life, and yet even though my senses were in my body, I felt more alive in my spirit than ever before. The light I experienced was such that love was thousands of times greater than I had known before. I knew the truth of existence as all knowledge was downloaded into me. I experienced clearly how we are all ONE Being in different forms just like waves of the ocean and yet the same one water.

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I actually didn’t want to go back to my body. When I finally recovered and reported to the doctor what I experienced, he put me in a psyche ward believing I had lost my mind. It was then, during that terrible moment, when I received an inner voice, telling me I would heal in three days after being released from that ward. It happened as I inwardly experienced it and doctors were baffled by the speedy recovery. After that I joined IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies) and discovered that over 10,000,000 people experienced the exact same thing I did and they all became transformed human beings and teachers of the truth, as unconditional love itself making all humanity as one whole. In other words, we see the human body but we don’t see the Being that carries all the dynamic actions and the Life itself. The truth is that we are a Human Being, being playing the human role. Once this is awakened in our inner knowing that our life becomes deeply and permanently transformed”.

During more than 40 years, Burt has dedicated his life to help people in different ways, as a spiritual and mental healer and guide. He has written several books, among which the most famous are:

  • Hiding in plain sight
  • The power and mystery of Awareness
  • The perfection of Awareness
  • The wonder of YOU!
  • The Truth that the world doesn’t want you to know
  • The four unknown facts of reality, which is considered his most ‘magical’ book and which brought the most healings of physical, mental and spiritual health.

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